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18th March 2019

What are digital marketing tools?

What are digital marketing tools?

The marketing world has changed a lot over the past 10 years. Technology development, increasing networking and increased mobile devices are changing our lifestyle and changing our lifestyle.

So what is digital marketing, is it important to be successful in this area?

Digital Marketing

The use of traditional methods such as TV, radio, and magazines is to use internet, mobile and other interactive platforms to promote branding and service. Digital marketing also includes interactive marketing, online marketing, e-marketing and web marketing.

What are digital marketing issues?

Digital Marketing consists of four steps: Acquire, Convert, Measure & Optimize and Retain & Grow.

Acquire: Activity to attract your customer to your website or page you are selling. Search engine optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing (Social Media Marketing), Income Affiliate Marketing, Interactive Comparison, Advertising Partnership, Viral Marketing, Content Production Sharing, RSS, Online PR.

Activities to help your client achieve your goals after you visit your website. The goal is not always sales, the number of articles read for a blog, the number of likes, how many people share that post, and how many people start following the blog. The total amount of time spent on a website's website, how many news stories are read, and the number of people who wish to contact a personal page.

Usability & Accessibility, Customer Decision Support, Content, Page Productivity, Reliable Writing, Customization, Customer Segmenting, and Targeting (Customer Personalization, Segmenting, Targeting) Email Marketing, increase your payment options and improve page search.

Measure & Optimize:

At this stage, it is a very important step to find out what is wrong and what you are doing well and compare yourself with your competitors. I think this is the most important part of digital marketing. Because if you can't measure your success, I can't say you're successful. At this stage, we first need to analyze your page's performance.

You should evaluate the activities of Acquire and Convert using Web Analytics. You need to compare your page's success criteria to your competitors' criteria. You need to better understand your users with online panels and surveys.

Retain & Grow:

In this section you must work to please your customers and to have regular customers. Email Marketing, loyalty programs, implementation of dynamic pricing strategies, personalization, community building, and referral programs are the ways in which we can use this.

Digital marketing is just beginning to spread in our country and I hope that this field will take its place in the country.

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