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18th March 2019

What is the easiest way for a Marketing and Sales team to work together?

How do you organize your sales and marketing team?

There is much talk about the growing need for companies to tailor their sales and marketing functions. Customers expect you to have a seamless experience. There is a difference between the sales team and the marketing team in their approach to “customer life” issues, and the distinction between them is becoming more and more difficult.

Instead of dividing them into two parts, we see in the digital marketing approach that the new customer's vision is no longer needed. At the same time, both marketing and sales professionals are expected to increase their role and form closer.

New Expectations on Marketing and Sales

Increasing marketing platforms and channels force marketers to engage in more content creation. Also, measuring ROI for various marketing initiatives is now easier than ever. Therefore, it is expected that marketers will be required to produce more material and to meet higher standards in their work.

On the other hand, there is tremendous pressure on sales staff to attract potential customers with relevant insights. Digital communication has become a powerful tool for building long-term values and relationships. This means that sales people also need to share content, and unfortunately most sales people do not have the experience or the passion to do so.

Adaptation is not always easy. Both parties tend to resist when it comes to accepting each other. These issues are more likely to come from the old system of management and internal policies of the company, as well as the fact that they are not in contact with each other. For example, sales often think that the marketing team is working in isolated form and they are not in some sort of saddle to feel the middle.

If the Marketing Department can provide a tree branch for the sales team in their existing digital environment, they can make their business easier. If they can actively recruit sales teams and help them create content, marketers will be able to develop better content and strengthen customer relationships. This approach will produce a large number of positive effects:

Liaison between sales and marketing teams.

This will allow you to create high quality content faster.

As the sales team participates in content creation, it will be more interesting to share.

This approach will shed more light on the dark moments in your mind.

Practical questions about Marketing and Sales

So how can you do this?

There is no need to complicate the process. Traditionally, marketers have to sit with sales managers in their companies for a few minutes. This is not the case with the usual sales managers, but mainly the top managers who are responsible for sales and quotas. Don't waste too much time, but periodically address specific questions each week and month:

What are your favorite stories you are currently talking to your customer audience?

Sales people tend to be telling stories. Their job is to use their ability to communicate with people, to persuade them to meet their demands and take action. Stories allow them to stay in touch with their clients and guide them as they wish. It could be the success story of any customer (if you are not familiar with it), or it can cover any other issues that resemble those outside the company.

These conversations can be reflected in the content you want to create. To make these discussions part of the content, you can also include video footage of what the seller loves to say about how customers are wasting time and money when buying your product.

What is your biggest win lately?

The best stories are the winners. Find out what your sales people have recently achieved and how they earn it. What knowledge of these clients was valuable to them? Where did they surpass competitors and how? What did the customer say when deciding whether to continue with your company?

Sales people sometimes have great egos, but they often get this status when they are working hard and in contact with a large number of clients. They can easily tell you what happened when they were in contact with a customer, what they thought was important and what was important to them. There are plenty of materials that you can buy and even reuse.

Why don't people buy from you?

When you say "I don't have a good yarn" you will notice that there are significant challenges and protests that sales people face. Are there any deficiencies in your product? Or is there an opponent that looks better than you? Or are potential customers very comfortable with the status quo and are not inclined to change?

By learning this, you will get a direct idea of what kind of content you are creating. By working with your sales team, you will identify content that can help and teach your customers: You will successfully set up your sales team.

Creating a collaborative format for collaboration

Whether you ask questions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, you have created a workable format that will make everyone happy and productive. If you ask content sales people, they are likely to share the content they use with you, and if they become part of the business process, they will enrich your content with new ideas that are always interesting to your customers.

Why not set up this format and start for some reason? Why not ask these questions today?

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