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18th March 2019

What Are The Differences Between ASO And SEO?

Today, we are going to be talking about the differences of the bosses of search results; ASO and SEO. Why did I call them ‘bosses’? Cause they define what sites and apps to rank highest.

ASO and SEO have some stuff in common. For example; they both are based on organic traffic. But more than similiarities, there are so many differences between ASO and SEO. Have you ever wondered what they are? Keep reading to find out!

Basically; ASO stands for App Store Optimization and aims to make applications rank higher on search results of app stores, and SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and aims to make websites rank higher on search engine results.


SEO is more complex than ASO in terms of implementations.

Here are the ASO implementations:

1. Category & Competitor & Keyword Analysis

2. Optimizing Textual Contents (App name, description, title etc.)

3. Optimizing Visual Contents (App icon, screenshots, preview video etc.)

4. Localization

And here are the main SEO implementations:

1. Keyword selection

2. Multiple search engine optimization

3. Page title optimization

4. On-page backlinks

5. Off-page backlinks

6. Website credibility

7. Link relevance

8. Content freshness

9. Nofollow links

10. Optimizing page speed

11. High-quality content

12. Social Sharing

you can see above, SEO is more compex than ASO in terms of implementationszation

User Search Habits

Because the platforms are different for ASO and SEO, it is so normal that users’ search habits are different too. On App Stores, users usually write about the functionalities they’re looking for while searching an app, and on search engines, users usually type the name of the topics they want to get information about.


While making a search on app stores, apps are usually shown according to their functionalities, categories etc. But on search engines, results are usually shown according to relevancy, what your website is about, the quality of the links on your websites etc.


Because the way results are shown are different, the main optimizations are also different for both ASO and SEO. ASO optimizations are usually visual optimizations such as app icon, screenshots and videos while SEO optimizations are usually textual optimizations

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